Holding Hands by Melvin E CC2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)Information relating to Relationships must by definition cover both the good times when the relationship is legally formed; and the not so good times when the relationship breakdown needs to be regularised.

This section of the website provides information and links relating to both momentous aspects of a relationship – outlining first the legal processes required for formalising a marriage or a civil partnership and recognising a cohabiting relationship; and secondly the resolution options and processes that are available on the breakdown of an adult relationship, including

  • the end of a marital relationship through separation agreement, judicial separation, divorce, annulment or the death of one spouse;
  • the end of a civil partnership through dissolution or annulment, or upon the death of one partner; and/or
  • the end of a cohabiting relationship through relationship breakdown or the death of one cohabitant;

The breakdown of a relationship is never easy but the difficulties encountered will eventually require resolution in order to allow the parties to move on and enter new relationships. The multiple family formations in Ireland necessitate multiple means of resolving the issues arising.

Image by Melvin E CC – BY – NC – 2.0