The Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill 2016 is currently going through the committee stages of the Dail. The Bill if enacted will provide a legal right to persons who were adopted to access to medical, early life and birth parent information  subject to certain conditions. The legislation also provides for the establishment of the Register of Adoption Contact Enquiries which shall record the names, contact details and preferences of adopted children/birth parents in relation to contact with each other.

A Tracing service will be provided by Tusla-the Child and Family Agency, to help locate and facilitate contact and information sharing between birth parents and adopted children.

The Tracing service will endeavour to locate the people involved in the adoption process (biological mother, biological father and child) for the purpose of facilitating contact between them unless it believes that they are compelling reasons not to. The birth mother/father will have 12 weeks to inform Tusla, that s/he considers that there are compelling reasons not to release this information in which case the Circuit Court may be called on to make a determination.


A birth mother may apply to have an entry made on the Register of Adoption Contact Enquiries  indicating that she is willing (or not) to make contact or to provide information to the child that she placed for adoption.

A person who was adopted may also apply to have an entry made on the register indicating that s/he is willing (or not) to make contact with the birth parent/s.

The Tracing service will establish the willingness (or not) to have contact with the other party and take appropriate action to facilitate the contact. Where one of the parties is unwilling to agree contact  the agency will inform the other party of this position.


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