Adopted Persons

The National Adoption Contact Preference Register was established to facilitate contact between adopted people and their natural family. Successful participation with the Register requires voluntary participation from both the family and the adopted person as contact through the register can only be made where both parties register their interest.

The Register allows the parties to elect the level of contact they wish to have and the options include the right to ensure no contact with the other party to the adoption. The Register is maintained by the Adoption Authority of Ireland and the information contained on it is not available to the public. The service is available to persons aged 18 years or over who have been adopted, natural parents of a child who has been placed for adoption and any natural relative of an adopted person.

Further information on the process of contact is available on the Child and Family Agency and Adoption Authority websites. 

The Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill 2015 is not yet enacted. The Bill is intended to facilitate access to adoption information. Its aim is to create a legal framework to provide for a structured means of access to this information and contact for those affected by adoption. When enacted, it is envisaged that relevant parties will have access to records currently held by various service providers, to be supervised by the Adoption Authority.


Adoption Authority of Ireland

Child and Family Agency

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International Adoption Association (Ireland)

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