It is normal to experience stress during a relationship breakdown and it can be helpful to talk to someone during this period. The advantage of engaging with a professional counsellor is that he or she is trained to act neutrally and objectively. Counsellors have no previous knowledge of you, your ex-partner or your situation and so they don’t have pre-set opinions of your situation. Importantly, the information you share with a counsellor remains confidential between you and them, unless there is a child at risk.


One Family provides information and support for all members of one-parent families, including a reduced rate general counseling service. They have produced a helpful document entitled “What is counselling?” which explains the counselling process and outlines how it can benefit  separating parties. A list of useful telephone numbers is also listed.

Nationwide Counselling Resources

  • Medical Card Holders: the GP Referral Scheme includes capacity for free counseling sessions. Contact your GP for more information.
  • Private Health Insurance: If you have private health insurance, your policy may allow a contribution towards counseling. Check directly with your Insurer.
  • Employee Assistance Programmes: Some employers offer free counseling session through the Employee Assistance Programme. If you are currently in employment contact the Human Resources department to find out more. 


Family Mediation Service

 One Family

 Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)

IACP operates a telephone referral service and produced the Directory of IACP Accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists to help locate a local counsellor.

Irish Council for Psychotherapy

Details of psychotherapists are available on the ‘Find a Psychotherapist’ section of the website.

Child & Family Agency – Tusla

  • Address: Child and Family Agency, Block D, Park Gate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin, Ireland
  • Tel:(01) 635 2854
  • Website:

Accord Catholic Marriage Counselling Service

AIM family services

AIM is a voluntary organisation which offers non-directive counseling, legal information, and a family mediation service to people experiencing marital, relationship and family problems.